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Traffic Violation Penalties PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 03 April 2009

Traffic Violations & Penalties (from

Class I Violations:

Penalties for Class I Violations are imprisonment for 10 to 30 days,

300 to 900 S.R. fine or both. These violations are:

  • Driving a vehicle without driving licence.
  • Driving a vehicle without registration plates.
  • Using forged registration plates.
  • Obtaining a driving licence illegally.
  • Driving in opposite direction.
  • Driving under alcohol influence.
  • Driving without using lights at night.
  • Driving a vehicle without brakes.
  • Escaping after being involved in an accident that caused injuries without reporting to Police.
  • Exceeding speed limit at inhabited regions.
  • Driving at high speeds disregarding alarms.
  • Breaking a traffic light or traffic man instructions.
  • U-turning in prohibited areas.
  • Disregarding emergency vehicles and VIP convoys.
  • Over passing vehicles queue due to traffic jam.
  • Over passing an exceeding vehicle in two-lane road.
  • Over passing vehicles in turning points and uphill.
  • Using strong lights while there are oncoming vehicles.
  • Using horns illegally.
  • Carrying heavy equipments in road without taking the necessary precautions.
  • Using non-standard registration plates.
  • Using vehicle for obscene purpose.
  • Rallying without a previous permission from the authorities.

Class II Violations:

Penalties for Class II Violations are imprisonment for 5 to 15 days,

150 to 500 S.R. fine or both. These violations are:

  • Exceeding speed limit.
  • Neglecting rules of overpass and oncoming vehicles.
  • Changing speed or direction without using indicators.
  • Driving out of sub-street to main road without following necessary precautions.
  • Stopping vehicle engine to move downhill.
  • Ignoring priority rules in crossroads, bridges, tunnels and railways.
  • Getting off a vehicle while engine running.
  • Unlocking a vehicle in a downhill road.
  • Using vehicles to pull motorcycles.
  • Using defected brakes.
  • Absence of brake lights or red triangle.
  • Absence of indicators for long vehicles.
  • Non stopping in check points.
  • Carrying metal chains in public roads.
  • Escaping after being involved in an accident that caused vehicle damage.
  • Non rescuing injured individuals in case of accident.
  • Carrying flammable material in tanker without fire extinguisher.
  • Absence of front or rear registration plate.
  • Absence of trailer's rear registration plate.
  • Non-inspecting vehicles for road worthiness or registration.
  • Non reporting changes that have been made to a vehicle.
  • Using vehicle for unlicenced purposes.
  • Using expired licence.
  • Violating transportation fees.
  • Non handing over possessions left by passengers to the police station.
  • Leaving vehicle neglected on public road.
  • Breaking military convoy on road.

Class III Violations:

Penalties for Class III Violations are imprisonment up to 10 days,

300 S.R. fine or both. These violations are:

  • Not renewing driving licence.
  • Absence of vehicle registration documents or driving licence.
  • Carrying animals without equipping vehicle with speed reducer or brakes.
  • Causing traffic congestion by driving slowly.
  • Not stopping for handicapped while crossing the road.
  • Using brakes suddenly.
  • Getting on/off moving vehicle.
  • Washing vehicle on public road.
  • Repairing vehicle on public road though unnecessary.
  • Using horn illegally.
  • Violating parking rules.
  • Stopping on railways.
  • Installing illegal indicators and lights.
  • Driving on lanes specified for other type of vehicle.
  • Damaging traffic signals.
  • Using defected wipers.
  • Absence of mirrors.
  • Non reporting damaged or unused vehicles.
  • Absence of speedometer.
  • Absence of factory plate.
  • Using unreadable plates.
  • Exceeding permitted loads.
  • Driving vehicle without doors, engine hood or fenders.
  • Transporting load with an open back door.
  • Entering trucks into the city in illegal time.
  • Using curtains on side or back windows.
  • Leaving vehicle keys inside it.
  • Not reducing speed while spotting animals.
  • Driving on sidewalks.
  • Driving bikes side by side in one lane.
  • Not using helmet (motorbike drivers.)
  • Not driving bike on right side of the road.
  • Overloading bikes (more than 25 Kilograms.)
  • Not equipping bikes with standard lights.
  • Not equipping bikes with effective brakes.
  • Driving slowly to search for passengers.
  • Absence of fare meter in taxis.
  • Absence of taxi rooftop light.
  • Absence of standard signs on taxis.
  • Exceeding number of permitted passengers.
  • Unbuckling seat belt.
  • Absence of insurance policy document.
  • Committing illegal actions according to the Traffic System.

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